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Band of Brothers ITA & -PFF-

Evento inserito da ITA Juza-x, 11/01/2023
  • Band of Brothers ITA & -PFF- is a twinning aiming to bring WoT players from different countries close together and, at the same time, to establish new friendships.
  • Room opens at 21:00, game starts at 21:15.
  • Event players' registration will be handled internally by respective clans.

  • tier 10

  • ITA & -PFF- clans in a 15vs15 battle
  • change of players allowed
  • teams in Blind Pik mode
  • 15 minutes per round in Team Destruction mode
  • teams will not switch columns after each round (four rounds no respawn position)
  • max one artillery
  • max two tank destroyers
  • max two light tanks
  • free choice for heavy and medium tanks

  1. Himmelsdorf
  2. Erlenberg
  3. Prohorovka
  4. Karelia